Help us build our home.

We want to make a difference in our community

Our mission

Our goal is to collect enough funds to build a new firefighter center that will have an adequate number of garages, separate changing room, training facility, yard space large enough for remaining vehicles, outdoor training and a place where our firefighters can rest between calls.

We also want to educate people about the work of firemen, about responsible behavior outdoors and about all procedures that could save their lives or lives of their loved ones which is currently practically impossible.

Strongest brotherhood in the world.

About the campaign

“Help Croatian Firefighters” is a donation campaign that emerged from the inadequate space that our firefighters from County of Krapina-Zagorje work and live in.

Adequate facilities for training and maintaining complex vehicles and equipment in good operating condition are crucial for the response time, effectiveness, and safety of the firefighters who serve the emergency response needs of the community.

Current facilities are in rent, with only one garage space which is also the storage for clothes, and equipment that is below every minimum standard for work. Also, available living space does not ensure sufficient rest for firefighters. Furthermore, there are no facilities for education and training which puts at risk the adequate preparation in emergency situations. Also, the garage space doesn’t have heating and the roof leaks.

The number of firefighters is constantly rising due to increased needs of the community, and the space has remained the same size for the last 25 years.

The current Station

The current Station makes their job harder and cannot be expanded to meet current needs, let alone needs over the next years:

  • Insufficient emergency vehicle bays (numbers and size)
  • Insufficient responder outside parking
  • No outside training area
  • No classroom training area (education)
  • No space for equipment storage
  • Sever lack of vehicle and equipment maintenance areas
  • No heating, ventilation, air filtration, and air conditioning system in office, training, work area and garage
  • Vehicle maintenance and fire hose washing must be performed outside, year-round, due to no interior space and drains
  • Safety hazards exist for staff working in the building and when preparing to respond to incidents
  • Geolocation is unfavorable for the intervention because it is not well positioned. The exit path is complicated for interventions.

They need all these things for safe fire vehicle operations and personnel safety.

The new Station

The new Station will be located on land which was donated by city of Zabok. It has a good geolocational position for better response time in emergencies, which is crucial because, when your job is to save lives, seconds do matter!

The site provides sufficient space for the Station building, space for exterior training grounds and parking for remaining fire vehicles.


The new station provides:

  • Hose washing and drying area
  • Sufficient indoor space for year-round maintenance of vehicles and equipment
  • Adequate equipment maintenance and hose storage areas
  • 3 garage spaces for vehicles
  • Energy efficient construction and appliances (HVAC, lighting, etc.)
  • Office space for employees
  • Administrative building with a space for rest and firefighter training
  • Food preparation area
  • Adequate parking and emergency vehicle maneuvering space on-site outside training area
  • Administrative offices
  • Noise suppression and isolation for machinery and work areas
  • Compliance with all current building codes safety standards
  • Training classroom facilities that are large enough to accommodate all firefighters and are available for public use
  • Expansion capability to meet future needs

Station Features:

  • Energy efficient and modular design
  • Safe working environment for firefighters